May 2015 Stitch Fix

Yay! It came! If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is, read a little more here. I can say one good thing right off the bat. My package was 4 days early. I was so worried that I hadn’t received a shipment confirmation 7 days before my fix was scheduled. I didn’t think it was going to come. Then, 5 days before my fix date, it shipped. Imagine my surprise when I arrived home early from my Memorial Day weekend and saw it sitting on the porch. So here are the goodies.


Teddy Pleated Henley Top

Terrible right? This top is anything but flattering. I had my baby six months ago thank you very much. I don’t need to look like another one is on the way. The pros? I thought the material was super soft and flowing, which I love in a top.  I also liked the soft color.


Jaxson Skinny Jean

I had high hopes for these pants. When I put them on they were sooooo soft and stretchy. My honey said they made my butt look nice, which is a necessity with jeans. I didn’t really feel like posting THAT picture. The problem is, they were too high of a rise. I selected mid and low rise jeans in my profile. These were covering my belly button. Is that mid rise? Not in my opinion. They look pretty great when I’m standing. When I sit down, however, let’s just say that high rise pants don’t do wonders to the midsection when seated.


Georgini Lace Detail Knit Top

This top was so close to being awesome. I love the lace detail of the arms and the rib-knit of the shirt dressed it down for everyday wearing. The fit wasn’t great for me, but it wasn’t awful either. If it was fall, that might sway me even more, but it’s almost summer and this is not a summer piece. Also, I made a commitment when I decided to try the capsule closet. I will not buy any item of clothing unless I absolutely love it enough to wear it everyday. Sorry, I just don’t LOVE it.


Danielle Long Knot Necklace

Let’s zoom in on the necklace.  In my style profile, I selected classic jewelry as opposed to statement. I think I’ll be switching that for my next shipment if this is what classic gets you. I’m not a fan of the knot detail. I like more glam to my accessories. More sparkle. It was just too plain and didn’t excite me much.


Bellatrix Lace Detail Cardigan

I saved the best for last. This cardigan is super soft and I love the lace, of course. Excuse my face, I can never seem to nail the happy serious face. The color isn’t totally me, I’m more into the blush and cream stuff, but I’d be willing to forgive the color if the fit was perfect. But, again, another top that makes me look 20 lbs heavier than I actually am… sigh.



I know right? I expected the first fix to be a little off, but I am so sad that I couldn’t even find 1 thing to put my $20 styling fee towards. I’m hoping my detailed comments in checkout will help my stylist match me a little better next time. Also, since I didn’t buy anything, I moved my next fix up to 2-3 weeks instead of monthly so I can hopefully make up for this disappointment sooner rather than later. I love that you can change when each fix comes.

Next time I will actually wait until I open the box to find out what is in it. I think the surprise will be more fun. This time around, when my package shipped, I looked up the list of items on Pinterest so I would know generally what was coming. MISTAKE! Wait for it. It’s not worth losing the wow factor of seeing everything for the first time.

The prices were pretty average for clothes. They weren’t bargain by any means, but average. $80 for the pants and $35-$60 I believe for the tops. Prices I’d be willing to pay for something that I absolutely love. I should have written them down for you before I checked out. Next time.

P.S. I’m still working of that sweet sewing tutorial. It should be up this week so don’t think this is just a fashion blog! Have a great week!

I haven’t even received my first “fix” yet and I’ve already been riding the buyers remorse roller-coaster. I have read quite a few articles in the last few days that have said Stitch Fix has huge markups and you can get the same items for much cheaper at department stores. I realize that Stitch Fix is a business and they are in the business of making money, but I’m not about to pay 20 extra bucks every time I buy something. That could add up to a lot of dough that I don’t have.

So I started aimlessly browsing the Stitch Fix website wondering if I should cancel my shipment before it shipped, and I came across this gem right on the FAQ page.

What if I see an item in my Stitch Fix package elsewhere for a lower price?

“If you find an identical product at another online retailer within 7 days of receiving the item, we will match the lower price for you and for future clients receiving that product. Please email us the details of your item as well as a link to the lower-priced item to so our buying team can confirm; if the product is identical, we will match the lower price and credit you the difference. We do our best to ensure that our pricing is competitive and appreciate your help in making sure that this is always true.”

This was enough to stop me from canceling my shipment and I’m now eagerly awaiting my package of goodies.

I am still a little concerned about the prices at Stitch Fix, but there is some reason to believe that you can get good deals from the styling service. Lissa from Shrinking Jeans, for example, tells about an Anthropology blouse that was actually $20 cheaper from Stitch Fix. A girl can hope for the best right?

P.S. I’m working on a pretty neat sewing tutorial for next week. Hope to see you then!

Add pockets to your PJs

Look at those cute boys in their matching PJs. I’m the luckiest girl to have both of them.

I think all pajama pants should have pockets. In fact, I think all articles of clothing deserve the addition. I’m always trying to put my hands in pockets that aren’t there. So why don’t pajama pants have pockets in their patterns? It doesn’t matter because I”m here to show you my pattern-less way to add those pockets you your pants!

First, cut out your pockets. I just looked at some sweatpants pockets and tried to generally match that shape. Below, you can see the dimensions of my men’s pants pockets. The important part is that your hands fit inside so just lay your hand on top of your pocket piece to make sure they will fit. Cut 2 fronts and 2 backs. I know that my measuring board looks like a coloring book. That’s what happens when you have littles who love to play in your sewing room.

DSC_2651 copy

Next, I take my pants and sew the backs to the backs and the fronts to the fronts. You know, so you have a front and back piece.


The next part is about the placement of the pockets. Measure out how far down your waistband will turn and pin the top of your pockets to meet that measurement. Right sides together of course. Mine are 2 1/2 inches from the top. Just make sure that the tops of your pockets will be sewn into the waistband so they don’t flap around. If that doesn’t make sense, scroll down a little to the picture where I fold over the waistband. It might help.


Now sew the pockets to the pants using the regular seam allowance called for in your pattern. Now iron your pockets away from your pant legs and place both front and back pieces right sides together.

DSC_2653 copy DSC_2654

This is probably the hardest part so I hope the picture helps you out. Sew down the side of the pants starting at the top. Sew 1/2 inch into the pocket and stop. Then sew all the way around the outside of the pocket and 1/2 inch up the bottom of the pocket. Be sure you don’t sew your pocket closed. Just 1/2 an inch on the top and 1/2 an inch on the bottom. Now sew the sides of your pants down from the pockets like you normally would and also sew the middle of your pant legs together like normal.

DSC_2655 copy

Now turn your pants right side out, and you will see your nice little pockets. Press and admire.


Now turn your pants inside out again and press the pockets to the front side of the pants. Be sure they are pressed to the front if you want to be able to use your pockets. Now fold your waistband over making sure that it overlaps the top of the pocket and sew around leaving a gap for your elastic.

DSC_2658 DSC_2659

Thread your elastic, close up the gap and you’ve got some pocketed PJs! Good luck. I hope this helps. I’m working on my picture and editing skills so bear with me while I get the hang of this.


I wanted the very first post of my blog to be something grand. Something different. Something I could share with you that would make your day better. That didn’t really happen. Every time I sat down to write or think about a project for my first post, I got writer’s block. The only thing that is really on my mind lately is changing up my style. Profound right? It made me think of the song, “you can’t always get what you want, but sometimes, you get what you need.” So I guess I need to get this thought out before I can move on. Maybe someone else out there is on this journey too and we can go through it together.

Getting ready in the morning afternoon is something that I always dread. As far as clothing goes, I seem to have a closet full of things that I either never wear or don’t have anything to match. I usually throw on some workout clothes and call it good. If I absolutely have to go out, I slap on the same jeans I wore yesterday and wonder why I even have other clothes in my closet. The capsule closet has been floating around the internet for a while, and I have been interested on and off with the idea. I love the idea of everything in your closet matching everything else so that you can just pull anything out put it on and look awesome. I love the idea of loving/fitting into every single piece in your closet. I love the idea of creating my own personal style. I love the idea of less is more in general. However, the idea of throwing almost everything out, shopping for a whole new wardrobe that meets the criteria above and trying not to break the bank at the same time is something I just can’t wrap my brain around. It seems an insurmountable task.

My first problem is that I don’t have very many clothes that I LOVE. That means I really would have to replace almost everything in my closet. Talk about a huge undertaking. The second problem is that I don’t love to shop, and the mere thought of trying to replace my whole closet in a short period of time makes me want to hide in my closet and cry. I also live in a small town with limited (Walmart and a few boutique stores) shopping resources. Online shopping could be an option in my situation but it also brings me to my last point. TIME. I have two small children and there is no way I would take them on a shopping trip of this magnitude. Knowing me, it would actually take many such trips to accomplish the task. I could get help, but I don’t often ask people to babysit and even having my husband watch the kids for a Saturday gives me anxiety as my youngest is still nursing. Online shopping would be even worse. There are so many pages and pages to browse that I usually give up looking for clothes online after the first hour.

Enter Stitch Fix, another popular topic of the blog world. If you haven’t heard of it, here you go.

Stitch Fix is a monthly subscription box for clothing/accessories. You pay a $20 “styling fee” and they send you 5 pieces. The great thing about the fee is if you buy anything from your shipment, your fee is applied towards your purchase. Of course, if you don’t buy anything, you are out $20. To get started, you fill out a style profile where you can tell Stitch Fix your price point, style preferences and size. Then you link a Pinterest board to your profile and ta-da! You are ready to receive you first “fix“.

I plan to use Stitch Fix to add pieces I love to my wardrobe. As I gradually get new things, I will be throwing out/donating the old. 3 articles of clothing gone for every 1 bought, to be precise. Hopefully, I will soon phase out the old me and phase in the new stylish, put together me. I’m excited to start this journey because as Unfancy says, “A capsule wardrobe represents more time and energy for what really matters (less time spent deciding what to wear / less time spent shopping / less time doing laundry or caring for clothes) more money for our dreams + helping others (less money spent on clothes that never get worn) and more contentment and happiness.”

My fix is scheduled for May 26th. I’ll let you know how it goes!


*If you do end up signing up for Stitch Fix through my link, I get a credit towards my next purchase. That doesn’t mean I won’t be brutally honest about my experience for your benefit.