applique flower baby outfit

Yay for another baby outfit!I thought that her new romper was my favorite, but…. I guess I just love them all. I have loved making clothes for my little man don’t get me wrong, but girl clothes are inherently more fun for me. There are so many more options. I also have a lot of material for girls since I’m fond of going through my closet and re-purposing whatever I don’t wear into baby clothes. That’s where the material for her top came from. The pants are another $3 large tee from Walmart! Hey, you get it where you can when you live in a small town.

I used the same pattern that I traced out for the black and white outfit. The only thing I did differently was add an applique instead of color blocking. I just drew out 3 not so perfect flowers in decreasing sizes and cut them out. I used this technique to sew on the bottom flower layer. Then I sewed a circle through the next 2 layers of flower right onto the shirt at the same time. I didn’t even go around the edges. I wanted the “petals” to flap a bit so I sewed the circle just inside them. I pinned lace in a ruffley circle on top of my flowers and sewed a circle through that as well. Then I hand stitched the center sheer fabric on to hide the middle and not show any stitches. I think it turned out great! I love the detail and the texture of it.


You can see how perfect my flower is right? I think it adds character.

Baby swimming suit coming up next week! Because, of course, no one here sells baby swimwear and I needed one faster than shipping…


If you are new to Stitch Fix, check out a little bit about it here. I was so excited when I came home from 4th of July traveling and saw my package on the step! There’s nothing like opening a surprise box of clothes just for you. I forgot to take of picture of the loot all together so let’s dive into the individual products.

PAPERMOON Fraz Twist Back Knit Top $48

Fraz Twist Back Knit Top

This was my least favorite item in the box. It has those weird sleeves like the pink shirt in the last box. It was heavier almost sweater material. Not really 100 degree summer approved. It had no shape and stretched out at the bottom. I thought the back was cool, but not exceptional. All in all, underwhelming.


SKIES ARE BLUE Colina Mix Material Knit Top $58

Colina Mix Material Knit Top

I loved the colors and the light soft feel of this shirt. I was still too unfitted for my taste. I don’t like shirts that hang off your chest and go straight down from there. (View second picture…) Does that make sense? Anyway, loved the general style… just not perfect on the fit. 


LOVEAPPELLA Jessie Draped Front Terry Knit Cardigan $64

Jessie Draped Front Terry Knit Cardigan

You might be wondering why I have a sweater/jacket for the middle of summer. Well, I requested a light summer jacket because I’m a jacket wearing fiend, and I wear one all the time. Unfortunately, my go-to is from AE 10 years ago and I look like I’m trying to be a teenager… I need something stylish that I can wear over everything. I love the look of this jacket. It’s very heavy and scratchy though. Not light or everyday at all. Also, the sleeves were almost too short. This is a theme I seem to be running into. I must have ape arms or something. Lol.


LE LIS Irvin Embellished Neckline Blouse $48

Irvin Embellished Neckline Blouse

I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with this top. I LOVE the colors, the jeweled neck detail and the soft flowyness of it. Still too unfitted Sew it up the sided and give it a button up back and it would be great! In fact, I almost bought it to do exactly that. Then I remembered all the altering I’ve been meaning to do in my current closet and decided to tackle that first. I don’t want to pay $48 for something that I have to fix.


TART Zera Lace Bomber Jacket  $108

Zera Lace Bomber Jacket

LACE! This picture makes it hard to tell, but this jacket is ALL lace. It’s a pretty lace too. Why is it so hard to photograph lace detail? This was exactly what I was looking for. Soft and lightweight. Dressy but casual. Lace and more lace. But the length…. I just can’t wear tops that cut off my body. I have a pretty average torso, but I like longer shirts and jackets. That arms were also barely too short. Sigh. Oh and the elephant in the room, the price! Not happening.


It sounds bad that I didn’t buy anything this time around. But really, I almost bought everything in this box to get the 25% discount because I almost love every piece. My Stitch Fix stylist did a great job and everything in my fix closely resembles an item on my Pinterest board. They are getting my style, I’m just super picky about fit. I am going to do an experiment with Stitch Fix next time so stay tuned! I think it will be exciting.

Black and White Flowers Baby Outfit

When I saw this black and white t-shirt at Walmart, I knew I wanted to make baby leggings out of it. Claira doesn’t have a lot of bottoms and black and white goes with everything right? So I started making the leggings and decided that she needed a top to go with them because as it turns out, black and white goes with NOTHING that we currently have. Lol! So I have kind of a tutorial of what I did. I hope it inspires you in your own sewing.

I start almost every project with a thrifted/cheap t-shirt. The first thing I always do is unpick the necks so I can use them later in my own collars.



I’ve already traced my favorite baby leggings onto pattern paper so I have them for always. Although I did spend a whole day trying to find my pattern. When making leggings, you don’t usually want to have a side-seam. To make your pattern side-seam-less, place your front and back pattern pieces together with the straight sides touching. Overlap the seam allowance so you don’t have any seam allowance where the pieces meet. You can also see that I also line up my bottom hem with the shirt hem so I don’t have to hem the leggings at all. YAY!


Now cut out your first leg. When you go to cut out your second leg BE SURE to flip your pattern over so you don’t end up with 2 of the same leg. Believe me, I did it the first time around and then only had enough material left to make them the old fashion way as seen below.


I was pretty upset to say the least. Don’t make my mistake!

Sew the pieces together as per your usual pants sewing… place right sides together and sew both crotch arches. Then fold them so they look like pants and sew up one side of the inseam of the leg, and down the other. Fold over your waistband, sew with a stretch, zig-zag or other stretchy stitch and insert your elastic. Pants done. Bam! 20-30 min.

So for the top I traced one of my current baby tops for sizing onto pattern paper. I wanted to have a different colored yoke so I sewed my 2 colors together before cutting out my pattern. To determine how big to make my pieces I laid my pattern on the pink I was using for the bottom and drew a line where I wanted it to come.


I cut it out and gathered it slightly in the middle.


I laid the pink over the black and white to see where exactly I wanted it to be sewn on. Then I put them right sides together and sewed with a straight stitch.


Then I top-stitched it to make the gathering lay flatter. It also makes it look more professional in general. Use a long stitch length and try hard not to stretch your fabric as you go along. 


Now cut out your front and back. Sew one of the shoulders together using a zig-zag, stretch stitch or your serger. This is when I sew on the neck binding. I just use the previously cut out neckline of the original shirt and use a zig-zag stitch. I stretch it slightly as I go along so it curves with the neckline.


Now sew your second shoulder together. I do it this way because that’s how I’ve seen it done on store-bought shirts. Now for the sleeves. I used the leftovers from the neck binding and bound the hems of the sleeves as well using the same technique as the collar. Zig-zag, stretching slightly… etc. For this shirt I also gathered the top of the sleeve before attaching.


Sew on your sleeves and down your shirt sides and you have a lovely finished shirt. I opted to cut out some of the flowers in the pattern and sewed them on with tiny black beads in the middle. I have no idea how this is supposed to be done. I just used a needle and thread and square knotted it on the underside.

DSC_2955aI LOVE this outfit.

I know I’m not super detailed in my tutorials, but I assume you know the basics of sewing together pants and a shirt so I kind of gloss over those parts. This is more for inspiration that really detailed instruction. One more to come. I’m so excited for it too!






Butterfly Baby Romper

My baby is growing up so fast. That look on her face just says, “hey mom… I’m not your tiny cuddle bug anymore.” She’s only seven months, and still pretty little, but time seriously flies.

Anyway, I was babysitting my friend’s baby  a few weeks ago, and couldn’t help falling in love with her little romper. It was so bright and summery. I loved that it was almost dress looking, but snapped in the middle which makes playing easier. I had this t-shirt that I bought at Walmart that was perfect for the project so I got to work!

I’ll admit that my first attempt was less than awesome. I was trying to make an easy one-piece pattern and… well it didn’t turn out so well. I ended up going back to Walmart and snagging the last shirt they had with the cute butterfly print and starting over.

I basically made a dress. I love the cute little flutter sleeves and the fact that it doesn’t have any buttons or even a bias neckband. What I ended up doing was making a facing for the top and sewing it together with a stretch stitch so it would stretch over her head. It was an experiment that worked out better than I’d planned. I think I’ll make tops like that from now on, or at least more often. I also sewed on the skirt with a zig-zag stitch so that would be stretchy too. I did have to go back through and unpick my straight gathering stitch, but that didn’t take very long. I didn’t even hem the sleeves or the bottom. I just roll-hemmed them with my serger. I liked the look of it for this piece.


So I started with the dress. I made the skirt extra long just in case. I put it on my baby and measured where the crotch should be. Then I cut out this arch. I made it pretty tall because I wanted the romper to have some longer legs/shorts.


Then I put elastic in the legs to gather them up. I used 1/4 inch elastic and sewed it in with a regular straight stitch, stretching it as I went.


Now all that was left was sewing some bias tape over both sides of the crotch. Pretty simple. I added some baby snaps… which took me all day to insert because I don’t have a snap tool and I used a hammer… and ta da! Really though, if you are going to be inserting snaps, get the snap tool. I had to remove bad snaps several times because my hammering ruined the snaps and they wouldn’t fit together.


This is by far one of my favorite outfits that I’ve made. She gets tons of compliments on it. The sweetheart neckline is a nice added detail. I’ve got a couple more of these baby outfits coming so stay tuned!