moto tee

When I asked my son what kind of shirt he wanted, of course he said motorcycle. He loves motorcycles. Sometimes, his dad lets him ride on the back of his Harley, from the sidewalk to the garage. It’s only about 20 yards, don’t worry. So here we have the motorcycle shirt. Not too fancy, and a repurposed shirt from his grandma as usual. My husband came up with the tag “steel horse.” I didn’t execute it quite as well as I would have liked. I know it’s hard to tell that the second word is horse. I’m thinking my new fabric paints should help that problem in the future.

The other obsession of my son of late is quarters. If he finds or is given one, he holds onto it for days! When I say he holds on to it, I mean it is in his hand 24/7. He goes to sleep with it clasped in his fingers, and wakes up with it still there. That is quite a feat. We’ve convinced him to use his pockets for most of the day, but that means that he will only wear 2 of his shirts… the ones with pockets. His pant pockets are too tight.

Sooooo you guessed it. This one has an added pocket. I used my pocket tutorial and just added one for him into the side seam. He loves it.


And there he is, posing in front of his “motorcycle.” My husband added the lawnmower wheels for his training wheels.


Little devil. I love making things for him. He always says, “thank you mommy, for making this for me.”

You are welcome son!

alligator hoodie

I have been wanting to make myself a jacket for a long long long looooong time. I wear a jacket all year long whether it’s 100 degrees or 10 and my go to jacket is from AE 10 years ago. I’d say it’s time for a little update. I’ve just been so intimidated by the hood/separating zipper, that I haven’t wanted to even start. It isn’t the actual hood or zipper that I have a problem with, but the corner where they both meet. I didn’t know which order to attach them to make it all look good. You know, the spot in the picture below. DSC_3306

So when it turned September, I decided to make the little man a jacket as a trial before making my own. It was pretty simple to whip together if you don’t count the hood. I’m terrible at gauging hood sizes and I ended up having to add height to his before sewing it on. I like a good deep hood that really protects you from the rain or wind. His turned out great after tweaking it a bit.

I had also decided on a snake for the front design. I searched pictures and drew pictures and manipulated shapes on the computer for days before giving up and settling on the alligator. I’m pretty happy with it. It was also a pain though. I stenciled it on and then decided the color didn’t really match the hood AFTER I took the stencil off. So I spent at least a hour with a tiny paint brush, painting yellow between all the zig-zags to make it closer to the color of the hood. Thank goodness my new fabric paint had just come in the mail! I’m used to using good old Tulip paints from Walmart, but the Jacquard Textile Colors are soooooooo much better. Instead of paint about 6 coats to get my green to show up on such dark fabric, I only had to paint ONE. Aaaaaaaaaand… I got it for pretty much the same price as the cheap stuff. Same cost, less coats, BOOM. Can you tell I was really really happy about it?

Anyway, to make my hoodie pattern, I traced a long sleeve tee. Instead of cutting the front panel on a fold, I cut 2 separate pieces and added 3/4″ on both sides for the zipper. I then sewed everything together just as I would a tee and then attached the hood. When attaching the hood, I made sure to leave the zipper seam allowance out so that it could fold over the edge of the hood. I attached the zipper and then the bias tape to cover the hood seam. I wish I would have taken just a few pictures to show the order and how it fit together. Trying is the best way to learn though!

Here it is in all it’s glory! The cute model doesn’t hurt either.

DSC_3300 copy


I couldn’t just choose one picture. He has more authentic smiles, but these will do fine. 🙂


DSC_3301 copy

The only thing I would change would be the sleeves. They are a bit too tight, but not enough to make it unwearable. I’m so happy with how it turned out.

My own jacket to come soon!




I was pretty disappointed in my last fix. I didn’t think anything was really my style. This time around, I asked for the same stylist that styled me for my fix #3 and I ended up with a lot better options. I even kept something this time. YAY! I think I’ll continue to ask for her and we can learn each other together. I’ve read this tip before, but I was waiting to see who I would like. Here’s to a new relationship with Stitch Fix. May it get even better with time.

Keep in mind as you look at the pictures that I was in a real hurry to get these in the mail. I waited until literally the last minute and had to take my pictures “as is.” I’d been working on cleaning out the garage all day, had no makeup on and my hair was pretty awesome as well. You sure get the REAL ME in these ones.

On to the goods.

Le Lis Lavy Lace Sleeve Knit Top $38

Le Lis Lavy Lace Sleeve Knit Top

I’ll start with my favorite and the item I kept. Can I say LOVE this? Well I do. I’m sure you can tell by my face in the pictures. It is so soft and the lace is so pretty. The pictures can never do lace justice. I think this will be my “go to” top all fall and winter. I’m thinking about taking in the sleeves around the armpit, because we all know I hate arm holes that go down to your middle. I can’t decide though… maybe they are growing on me? Nope, it must be the lace taking over my mental capacities.

Renee C Huebert Space Dye Open Cardigan $58

HEM & THREAD Ellen Distressed Detail SweaterI can’t say that I hated this sweater, but I definitely didn’t like it either. It is obviously HUGE. I could probably pull off the slouchy style if I wanted to, but I have no desire to do that. It wasn’t even soft to make up for it’s likeness to a tent. I would like some more neutral tan in my closet though…

41Hawthorn Yasmine French Terry Blazer $78

41Hawthorn Yasmine French Terry Blazer

This is something that I really wanted to love. I almost did. It’s a nice weight for a pretty cold day. I little on the heavier side. It has a nice shape and is knit so it is comfortable. It was a tiny bit too small though and made me look like I have a belly since it bulged open at the midsection. I think I’ll ask for another knit blazer and see what happens.

Le Lis Sibley Twisted Knot Top $44

Le Lis Sibley Twisted Knot Top

I think it’s funny that this top is $44 and the lace top is $38. I guess not a huge price difference, but I’m much more inclined to buy something for $38 than $44. They are from the same designer. I just think if it were me they’d be the other way around… Anyway, I’m pretty sure that I got this because I said the PAPERMOON Fraz Twist Back Knit Top was OK. However, this was my least favorite piece. It adds a lot of bulk to the stomach and the sleeves are yet again, unfitted. I’m also not a fan of heather grey unless it’s glammed up with some sparkle.

Renee C Huebert Space Dye Open Cardigan $58

Renee C Huebert Space Dye Open Cardigan

Wow. Everything in the box was a shade of grey except for the tent sweater. I almost loved this cardigan as well. The material is pretty light, so in spite of being very unfitted, it hugs the figure alright. It is also very soft. Can you tell that’s a selling point for me? I just couldn’t justify $58 for something so plain and not quite perfect. I know I don’t like unfitted, but they keep sending me this type of cardigan because I keep asking for this one. Similar but not quite… I’ll keep asking for it because I really really really love it. Perhaps this is in my DIY future?

All in all, I was much happier with the style choices this time around. I can’t wait to see what next month brings.