How many of you have ever wanted to make a quiet book for your kids??? Ok, now how many of you have supplies to make that quiet book? Out of you ladies who have supplies, I know that some of you have started and never finished your quiet books. I am in the same boat! I have wanted to make one since before my almost 4 year old was born. I looked up patterns and made templates and planned it all out. However, I still have no quiet book to show for it.

Since baby number 3 is due in the middle of October, I figure I’ve got 8 weeks to finally finish something I started years ago. I know that is a pretty ambitious goal, especially since I might be way out of my league with the inspiration I’ve chosen, but I have a group of friends who want to finish theirs too and we are getting together weekly to help motivate and inspire each other. Yay! I have thought about nothing else for the last 3 weeks.

Here is where YOU can get involved. I plan on making a 2 page spread every week. As I go, I will make patterns for the pages I create so it will be easy for you and I to re-create them! This is a huge endeavor for me and I hope you love it just as much as I do. I’ve spent at least a month scouring the internet for the best quiet book ideas and I’ve mixed and matched and made some of my own and compiled what I think is the ultimate quiet book. Keep in mind that most of these pages come from other people’s ideas. I will link to my inspiration, but I hope to put my own spin on every page and make this book truly unique.

So here they are in all their glory… or not so much. These are just templates that I will use to create my own patterns. There was a lot of cutting and pasting and taking from one and adding to another. I hope you can see how awesome it will really look when I link to the inspiration page.

Jungle Page

This one is a mix and match of lots of people’s ideas to make my own design. There will be snaps and magnets and a zipper crocodile mouth to eat the monkeys. The snake will be a weaving toy and the rain will zip out of the clouds. I really need to draft a better looking croc. This one is pretty sad I know. I’ve done the best with my limited computer animation skills. I got the snake and chameleon ideas from my favorite Russian blogger Tanya. Here is the specific page. See all her awesome work here. I think she sells her books if you are interested, but it’s hard to tell through my rough google translation.

ABC Page

Here you have your pretty basic velcro alphabet page. I am excited about the place to create words as my son is starting to read. As suggested by my mother-in-law, I will be adding a pocket with extra vowels and t’s and such to make bigger words. I will be using my Cricut to cut out the letters which I’m really excited about. Who wants to cut all those out by hand???

Farm Page

This might be my favorite page. I want my garden page to look pretty close to this Russian post here. There are many like it on a variety of Russian blogs. I’m sure Tanya does one, but it’s so hard to navigate and find them that I used this one instead. The farmer page I like to think is mostly my own. I found the animal heads on a free clipart website. The farmer as well as the animals will have lift up heads to feed them through a button hole underneath. There is a zipper at the bottom to get all the food back out. The farmer arm will probably be jointed so he can actually feed them. My son is very excited to feed the animals and feed flowers to the farmer.

Build House and Rainbow Page

This is a pretty basic building and colors page. I got the rainbow straight from Tayna at her other blog and the house from, you guessed it, another Russian blog. I love that whole book for a younger child. Maybe 1? When I make one for Claira, some of those pages will definitely be included. I’ll embellish these a little more and see where they go from here.

Space Page

When I saw the cute little alien colors page on this Russian site, I knew it would have to be included. I love love love this idea of matching colored aliens to their spaceships. Then there is this awesome zippered space ship that looks like it’s blasting off as you unzip it. This is completely Stephanie’s page and she even has a pattern already for you. I will try to add my own touch to mine, but I don’t see a lot of room for improvement. She has so many patterns for quiet books. Check her out. You won’t regret it!

Fishing Page

This page will be so fun! When I mentioned a quiet book to my husband he immediately said we needed a fishing page. I agreed wholeheartedly and saw a bunch of really cute pages. I will use inspiration from Tanya but all the fish and coral and details will be pretty much from my head.

Knight and Castle Page

Last but not least will be the castle and knight page. I’m working on a good knight with removable armor and arms that move to fight the dragon. I say dragon because one will come out of the castle attached to a string. Check out Tanya’s castle that I’m using to see how truly awesome it is. I just can’t get enough of her stuff. She’s pretty much amazing. I’m not very excited to figure out how to sew it all together but hey, the finished product will be worth it!

Please remember that these are rough sketches and that the finished product should be much more impressive and unique. I hope you follow along with my adventure and finish a quiet book of your own in the near future!



When I sent my mom a picture of this jumper she said, “You used to wear stuff like that all the time!” That made me feel like this style is a little dated, but jumpers are in right now right?? It doesn’t matter. I think it’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. I started thinking about making one when I was at Target at the beginning of the summer. They had these cute knit jumpsuits and I wanted one for Claira so badly. Unfortunately they didn’t have her size and I left a little sad. That same week, I came home with this embroidered material thinking that I would make her a dress or one for me. It took a while, but I finally decided it would make an awesome jumpsuit. It’s not knit, but it isn’t too stiff either.  It turned out exactly how I wanted it to. I am sooo happy with this project.

I made this a month ago and I just haven’t wanted to get this post together. I’ve tried on multiple occasions and it just made me want to go to sleep. Lol. Maybe my tutorial content is more boring than I thought. I took a lot of pictures, but the only time I can work on this stuff is at night in a dark room so excuse my photos. I know they aren’t the best. You can always zoom in on them for a little clarification. I basically just took a top pattern and added buttons and a bottoms pattern and added width so they would be gathered and full, then sewed them together at the waist with an elastic encased in the middle. Easy right? Well my steps might make it look complicated, but that’s just because sometimes I do things the hard way for no reason at all. If you are at all interested to see how I do what I do with no patterns… here we go!


So the first thing I worked on was the pants. I looked up a lot of tutorials on pantaloons and such and decided that the easiest way to achieve my goal was to make a leggings pattern and add width to the leg. Not too bad. P.S. Before starting almost any project, be sure to WASH and DRY your material!!!!!! DON’T FORGET! Most material shrinks and your beautiful finished garment won’t fit after it’s first washing and you will be so sad. I do it all the time…

  1. Trace a pair of pants that fit your child. Trace both the front and back. It is a little hard to trace the front as it’s smaller than the back, but creative folding can make anything happen. Remember that pants aren’t straight at the top. They dip down in the front for comfort and they raise up at the back to fit a little bum.
  2. Make sure that the side seams are the same length. (Marked in pink) This will make your pattern go together much more smoothly.
  3. If I were making a regular pair of pants, I would stop here and use this pattern. However, since I don’t want to have a side seam, I place my pieces together at the side seam and make one continuous pattern for each leg. There is a little overlap in the middle to take out the seam allowance that we no longer need.
  4. Here is the finished leg piece. If I wanted to make a simple legging, I would stop here.
  5. Since I want these to be gathered I cut my pattern piece in half and add 3 inches between them and trace a new piece. This step could probably be avoided if you just use your 2 original separate pieces from step 3, but I also wanted a legging pattern for future so I though you might as well see that too 🙂 I did make the top of the pattern straight instead of curved because…. it’s a jumpsuit and not pants and it will be easier to sew together.
  6. When you are cutting out a leg pattern that includes both sides of the leg, be sure that you fold your material in half so that you either have 2 right or wrong sides together when you cut. This ensures that you make 2 opposite legs instead of 2 of the same leg. I have made this mistake more times than I can count. If you can’t fold your material, just make sure you flip your pattern piece over before cutting your second leg. I also cut out my pattern with an extra couple inches added tot the top as well as the bottom just in case.
  7. Put your pieces right sides together and sew the back and front crotch curves just as you would in a regular pair of pants. Open up your pants so the look like a pair of pants and sew up the inside of one leg and down the other inside of the other leg. I should have had a better picture of this… Sorry.
  8. Now you have a pair of pants!


Now for making the bodice/top of the jumpsuit.

  1. Since I wanted flutter sleeves, I added 2 inches on the fold of me sleeve pattern for gathering purposes.
  2. I cut out 4 of these pieces so that they would have a facing on the inside.
  3. Place 2 pieces right sides together and sew around the edge as shown by the dotted yellow line.
  4. Flip your pieces wrong sides together, iron and top-stitch.
  5. Sew your 2 bodice pieces together at the shoulders. Make sure you have some way to open up the bodice like buttons or a zipper so you can get your jumpsuit on.
  6. This is what it should look like when laid out.
  7. Sew your sleeves to your bodice.
  8. Dor some reason, my sleeves didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to AND my bodice was too wide. I ended up adding pleats to the front around the button placket and sewing in some elastic to the sleeve to make it more gathered and fluttery… I don’t think you should have this problem… I was just sewing late at night and measuring incorrectly. Ta-Da! Now you have a bodice.


You still have a bit of work to do on the bodice such as adding bias tape to the neckline and putting on your buttons. I got lazy and had some pearl snaps so we ended up with snaps instead of buttons. Actually, snaps are so much easier to install as well as use so I might just be replacing buttons with them from now on!

  1. Here is how I make bias tape. You will first cut out 1 1/2-2 inch bias strips. That means you cut your fabric at a 45 degree angle from the grain instead of just cutting strips off the straight side. So like a triangle… I then place a pin in my ironing board as shown, fold my strips into the middle and iron the strip flat as I pull it through. This folds the strip as you iron. So helpful! Be sure not to melt your pin 🙂pin
  2. Now fold your ironed strip in half and iron again. You could now have double fold bias tape 🙂
  3. Sandwich it over your neckline ans sew into place. There are many detailed tutorials on how to make and sew bias tape. I would recommend checking them out.
  4. Before sewing your bodice to your pants, be sure that you measure your child from shoulder to crotch and make sure that you are giving them enough space in the body. I added about 2 inches from my measurement and that ease seems perfect for playing and not getting too uncomfortable.
  5. I wanted my elastic to be entirely encased so it wasn’t itchy for my toddler. Here is where adding those extra inches came in handy. You can kind of see how when I place my pieces right sides together my pants were actually sticking up past my bodice about 1 1/2 inches. I sewed it that way so that I could then go to step 6.
  6. Here is where I folded that extra allowance over twice to make a casing for my elastic and then sewed right on top of the line I just sewed the top and bottom together with. You can see in the picture that there are 2 lines of sewing in the same place.
  7. Leave a hole in your casing and thread some 1/4 inch elastic through that is the length of your child’s waist. Sew the ends of the elastic together and sew the hold closed.
  8. I made my pant legs on the selvage so I didn’t have to hem them, but here is where your would normally hem. All I did for the last step was take my 1/4 inch elastic and sew it to the leg about 1 1/2 inches up. I used a straight stitch and stretched the elastic as I went so it would gather the material and remain stretchy.

Done and DONE!

I realize I may have skipped over a few things, but this tutorial assumes you know a little about sewing. I may go over basics in later posts or I might just leave you to the rest of the sewing world where there are so many great helps for all the basics.

Here is the beautiful girl in all her cheesy fake smile glory.


I just love how the sleeves turned out. They looked so bad before I fixed them. Don’t give up on your projects. All is not lost if the first few fittings are a disaster. ‘


And another one of the cutie.


Swinging after the parade… This girl would live her whole life on a swing if I let her.

I think I will make another one of these in a cute knit. They are just adorable and I want her to wear them every day.

Until next time!