Add pockets to your PJs

Look at those cute boys in their matching PJs. I’m the luckiest girl to have both of them.

I think all pajama pants should have pockets. In fact, I think all articles of clothing deserve the addition. I’m always trying to put my hands in pockets that aren’t there. So why don’t pajama pants have pockets in their patterns? It doesn’t matter because I”m here to show you my pattern-less way to add those pockets you your pants!

First, cut out your pockets. I just looked at some sweatpants pockets and tried to generally match that shape. Below, you can see the dimensions of my men’s pants pockets. The important part is that your hands fit inside so just lay your hand on top of your pocket piece to make sure they will fit. Cut 2 fronts and 2 backs. I know that my measuring board looks like a coloring book. That’s what happens when you have littles who love to play in your sewing room.

DSC_2651 copy

Next, I take my pants and sew the backs to the backs and the fronts to the fronts. You know, so you have a front and back piece.


The next part is about the placement of the pockets. Measure out how far down your waistband will turn and pin the top of your pockets to meet that measurement. Right sides together of course. Mine are 2 1/2 inches from the top. Just make sure that the tops of your pockets will be sewn into the waistband so they don’t flap around. If that doesn’t make sense, scroll down a little to the picture where I fold over the waistband. It might help.


Now sew the pockets to the pants using the regular seam allowance called for in your pattern. Now iron your pockets away from your pant legs and place both front and back pieces right sides together.

DSC_2653 copy DSC_2654

This is probably the hardest part so I hope the picture helps you out. Sew down the side of the pants starting at the top. Sew 1/2 inch into the pocket and stop. Then sew all the way around the outside of the pocket and 1/2 inch up the bottom of the pocket. Be sure you don’t sew your pocket closed. Just 1/2 an inch on the top and 1/2 an inch on the bottom. Now sew the sides of your pants down from the pockets like you normally would and also sew the middle of your pant legs together like normal.

DSC_2655 copy

Now turn your pants right side out, and you will see your nice little pockets. Press and admire.


Now turn your pants inside out again and press the pockets to the front side of the pants. Be sure they are pressed to the front if you want to be able to use your pockets. Now fold your waistband over making sure that it overlaps the top of the pocket and sew around leaving a gap for your elastic.

DSC_2658 DSC_2659

Thread your elastic, close up the gap and you’ve got some pocketed PJs! Good luck. I hope this helps. I’m working on my picture and editing skills so bear with me while I get the hang of this.


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