applique flower baby outfit

Yay for another baby outfit!I thought that her new romper was my favorite, but…. I guess I just love them all. I have loved making clothes for my little man don’t get me wrong, but girl clothes are inherently more fun for me. There are so many more options. I also have a lot of material for girls since I’m fond of going through my closet and re-purposing whatever I don’t wear into baby clothes. That’s where the material for her top came from. The pants are another $3 large tee from Walmart! Hey, you get it where you can when you live in a small town.

I used the same pattern that I traced out for the black and white outfit. The only thing I did differently was add an applique instead of color blocking. I just drew out 3 not so perfect flowers in decreasing sizes and cut them out. I used this technique to sew on the bottom flower layer. Then I sewed a circle through the next 2 layers of flower right onto the shirt at the same time. I didn’t even go around the edges. I wanted the “petals” to flap a bit so I sewed the circle just inside them. I pinned lace in a ruffley circle on top of my flowers and sewed a circle through that as well. Then I hand stitched the center sheer fabric on to hide the middle and not show any stitches. I think it turned out great! I love the detail and the texture of it.


You can see how perfect my flower is right? I think it adds character.

Baby swimming suit coming up next week! Because, of course, no one here sells baby swimwear and I needed one faster than shipping…


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