fix those jammies

Does your baby also wake up looking like a mermaid? Mine wiggles a lot in her sleep and she somehow manages to get both legs stuffed into one side of her pajamas all the time. Poor thing. I guess she doesn’t look too sad about it, but it frustrates me to no end. They also limit her mobility in general during the morning as she gets all tangled up trying to do anything.

It’s funny because I know I buy cheap pajamas that don’t have elastic around the ankles, but I always think it will be fine and her feet will somehow magically stay in. Wrong wrong wrong. I just can’t resist a super cute pajama when I see one on the rack. To be honest, it’s usually my husband who can’t resist. It’s so cute seeing him get excited about baby stuff so I don’t say anything and we end up with 100 pairs.

But not to worry. There is an easy fix!

Turn those babies inside out and draw a line about 1-2 inches up from the heel.


Now take a 1/4″ elastic and cut it to half the length of your line.



Now pin one end of your elastic to one end of your line and sew the elastic to the line with a regular straight stitch. Super super stretch it as you go. Don’t stretch your PJ material, just your elastic. You should end up with the elastic stretching all the way to the end of the line.


If your elastic is still flat after sewing it and you super super stretched it, you might just need to steam iron it to get it to shrink down to look like the picture above.


TA DA! Why haven’t I done this to every pair of pajamas? This particular pair is really wide around the ankles so I might have to sew one on the front of the leg too. It works like a charm though. No more mermaid baby… I might miss it though. She makes a cute mermaid.

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