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I know this won’t be new to a lot of people, but if you have tried a few seemingly simple applique projects and failed, this might help you. I used to make appliqued shirts for my little boy and I got so frustrated when I had to pin my material to my shirt and sew it on without stretching it and making it all wavy and wrinkly. I had no idea that double sided fusible web existed. I was at Joann Fabirc lamenting my problem, when a kind lady let me in on the applique secret. It seriously changed my life! I now use it every time I sew a project. It makes sewing so much easier.

Let me show you how it works. I usually start with ironing the fusible web to my applique material. Then I draw the shape onto the back and cut out the piece. In the instance below, I just cut out a strip and ironed it onto my ribbon.


Now you pull off the paper backing, place it on your garment and steam iron into place. You can see that a very fine film is left behind. I like this kind because it doesn’t add bulk. There is interfacing that will add more stability if you prefer. If you don’t like the placement, you can pull it off, re-position and re-iron. I love the fact that it’s fool proof. No permanent mistakes here.


Now, I sew on the applique. I know that most webbing will say that you don’t have to sew it and that it will stay on through washing. I don’t believe ANY of them! I always sew it on just in case.



The good thing about it is that your fabric won’t stretch or distort or shift while you are sewing. That makes for perfectly flat applique. ENJOY!



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