May 2015 Stitch Fix

Yay! It came! If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is, read a little more here. I can say one good thing right off the bat. My package was 4 days early. I was so worried that I hadn’t received a shipment confirmation 7 days before my fix was scheduled. I didn’t think it was going to come. Then, 5 days before my fix date, it shipped. Imagine my surprise when I arrived home early from my Memorial Day weekend and saw it sitting on the porch. So here are the goodies.


Teddy Pleated Henley Top

Terrible right? This top is anything but flattering. I had my baby six months ago thank you very much. I don’t need to look like another one is on the way. The pros? I thought the material was super soft and flowing, which I love in a top.  I also liked the soft color.


Jaxson Skinny Jean

I had high hopes for these pants. When I put them on they were sooooo soft and stretchy. My honey said they made my butt look nice, which is a necessity with jeans. I didn’t really feel like posting THAT picture. The problem is, they were too high of a rise. I selected mid and low rise jeans in my profile. These were covering my belly button. Is that mid rise? Not in my opinion. They look pretty great when I’m standing. When I sit down, however, let’s just say that high rise pants don’t do wonders to the midsection when seated.


Georgini Lace Detail Knit Top

This top was so close to being awesome. I love the lace detail of the arms and the rib-knit of the shirt dressed it down for everyday wearing. The fit wasn’t great for me, but it wasn’t awful either. If it was fall, that might sway me even more, but it’s almost summer and this is not a summer piece. Also, I made a commitment when I decided to try the capsule closet. I will not buy any item of clothing unless I absolutely love it enough to wear it everyday. Sorry, I just don’t LOVE it.


Danielle Long Knot Necklace

Let’s zoom in on the necklace.  In my style profile, I selected classic jewelry as opposed to statement. I think I’ll be switching that for my next shipment if this is what classic gets you. I’m not a fan of the knot detail. I like more glam to my accessories. More sparkle. It was just too plain and didn’t excite me much.


Bellatrix Lace Detail Cardigan

I saved the best for last. This cardigan is super soft and I love the lace, of course. Excuse my face, I can never seem to nail the happy serious face. The color isn’t totally me, I’m more into the blush and cream stuff, but I’d be willing to forgive the color if the fit was perfect. But, again, another top that makes me look 20 lbs heavier than I actually am… sigh.



I know right? I expected the first fix to be a little off, but I am so sad that I couldn’t even find 1 thing to put my $20 styling fee towards. I’m hoping my detailed comments in checkout will help my stylist match me a little better next time. Also, since I didn’t buy anything, I moved my next fix up to 2-3 weeks instead of monthly so I can hopefully make up for this disappointment sooner rather than later. I love that you can change when each fix comes.

Next time I will actually wait until I open the box to find out what is in it. I think the surprise will be more fun. This time around, when my package shipped, I looked up the list of items on Pinterest so I would know generally what was coming. MISTAKE! Wait for it. It’s not worth losing the wow factor of seeing everything for the first time.

The prices were pretty average for clothes. They weren’t bargain by any means, but average. $80 for the pants and $35-$60 I believe for the tops. Prices I’d be willing to pay for something that I absolutely love. I should have written them down for you before I checked out. Next time.

P.S. I’m still working of that sweet sewing tutorial. It should be up this week so don’t think this is just a fashion blog! Have a great week!

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