If you are new to Stitch Fix, check out a little bit about it here. I was so excited when I came home from 4th of July traveling and saw my package on the step! There’s nothing like opening a surprise box of clothes just for you. I forgot to take of picture of the loot all together so let’s dive into the individual products.

PAPERMOON Fraz Twist Back Knit Top $48

Fraz Twist Back Knit Top

This was my least favorite item in the box. It has those weird sleeves like the pink shirt in the last box. It was heavier almost sweater material. Not really 100 degree summer approved. It had no shape and stretched out at the bottom. I thought the back was cool, but not exceptional. All in all, underwhelming.


SKIES ARE BLUE Colina Mix Material Knit Top $58

Colina Mix Material Knit Top

I loved the colors and the light soft feel of this shirt. I was still too unfitted for my taste. I don’t like shirts that hang off your chest and go straight down from there. (View second picture…) Does that make sense? Anyway, loved the general style… just not perfect on the fit. 


LOVEAPPELLA Jessie Draped Front Terry Knit Cardigan $64

Jessie Draped Front Terry Knit Cardigan

You might be wondering why I have a sweater/jacket for the middle of summer. Well, I requested a light summer jacket because I’m a jacket wearing fiend, and I wear one all the time. Unfortunately, my go-to is from AE 10 years ago and I look like I’m trying to be a teenager… I need something stylish that I can wear over everything. I love the look of this jacket. It’s very heavy and scratchy though. Not light or everyday at all. Also, the sleeves were almost too short. This is a theme I seem to be running into. I must have ape arms or something. Lol.


LE LIS Irvin Embellished Neckline Blouse $48

Irvin Embellished Neckline Blouse

I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with this top. I LOVE the colors, the jeweled neck detail and the soft flowyness of it. Still too unfitted Sew it up the sided and give it a button up back and it would be great! In fact, I almost bought it to do exactly that. Then I remembered all the altering I’ve been meaning to do in my current closet and decided to tackle that first. I don’t want to pay $48 for something that I have to fix.


TART Zera Lace Bomber Jacket  $108

Zera Lace Bomber Jacket

LACE! This picture makes it hard to tell, but this jacket is ALL lace. It’s a pretty lace too. Why is it so hard to photograph lace detail? This was exactly what I was looking for. Soft and lightweight. Dressy but casual. Lace and more lace. But the length…. I just can’t wear tops that cut off my body. I have a pretty average torso, but I like longer shirts and jackets. That arms were also barely too short. Sigh. Oh and the elephant in the room, the price! Not happening.


It sounds bad that I didn’t buy anything this time around. But really, I almost bought everything in this box to get the 25% discount because I almost love every piece. My Stitch Fix stylist did a great job and everything in my fix closely resembles an item on my Pinterest board. They are getting my style, I’m just super picky about fit. I am going to do an experiment with Stitch Fix next time so stay tuned! I think it will be exciting.

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