So I hinted that I would be doing a Stitch Fix experiment last time and here it is. I’ll admit that I was a little disappointed in the results. I changed all my preferences to “the cheaper the better” and requested in my note to my stylist that they send me the absolute cheapest pieces they had that were still my style. I wanted to see just how affordable Stitch Fix could be. After all, I’ve told everyone that they follow your budget and what you can afford. I got 3 shirts, 1 pair of pants and 1 skirt. $38 was the cheapest item… sigh. I thought they might have some $25 dollar pieces or at least something under $30. Well now we know. Stitch Fix is NOT cheap.

Unlike other sites, I don’t get a lot (or any for that matter) of referrals so I’m paying for the service completely on my own. Why do I continue? It’s fun! I recently came into a small monthly income and this is what I decided to spend it on. It’s fun to anticipate what is coming in the mail. It’s fun to open your box and see all the new colors and patterns. It’s fun to try on clothes that you would probably never have picked out in the store. It’s fun to find something awesome. It’s fun even when you don’t find anything. Guilty pleasures come in all shapes in sizes and mine just happen to be vanilla ice cream and Stitch Fix. I”m not ashamed. 🙂

Onto my 4th fix.

Loveappella Kellyton Mesh Shoulder Top $48

Loveappella Kellyton Mesh Shoulder Top


I appreciated the fact that they finally took me seriously when I said I wanted form fitting tops. I don’t feel like I look great in the trendy stuff going on right now. I actually really liked this top. I think it looked pretty good on me  and was only a tiny bit too tight. The material was SUPER super SUPER soft. So what’s the problem? I don’t need a solid black shirt. I also don’t want a top that I would have to wear something under. Not quite for me. Don’t laugh at my awesome modeling skills.

THML Rancho Sequin Detail Knit Top $48

THML Rancho Sequin Detail Knit Top

I love a little sparkle, or a lot of sparkle. I just don’t like shoulder detail or orangy gold. ‘nough said.

Renee C Melisa Printed Pencil Skirt $48

Renee C Melisa Printed Pencil Skirt

When I pulled this out of the box I thought there is no way that this is going to fit over my hips. It was sooooo tiny. Well, it fit. Still a bit tight though. This was my biggest let down. I love a good pencil skirt, but I don’t like the print. Not even a little bit. I also thought the material was kind of cheap. It was one of those fabrics that when stretched, becomes faded because it’s ribbed. This was a total fail.

INER Kahla Tie-Neck Blouse $44

INER Kahla Tie-Neck Blouse

I actually think this looks pretty good on me… Problem is, I don’t wear sleeveless tops at all. I was really disappointed when this came in my fix. I asked them straight out not to send me anything sleeveless. I know I could wear a cardigan or something, but when I specifically asked them I thought they would respect my wishes.

Gilli Chandler Wide Leg Pant $38

Gilli Chandler Wide Leg Pant

What are these pants!!!! I almost didn’t even try them on because they were so crazy and NOT my style. I ended up loving them. They are soft, stretchy, comfy and… I have nothing to wear with them. Seriously, I have no idea how to style these. I cut off my feet in the pictures because none of the shoes in my closet went with these at all. I’m just not willing to buy a whole new wardrobe for one pair of pants. The pattern is a little too crazy for me anyway. Sad story. This is what I was talking about at the beginning though. Stitch Fix makes you try thing you would absolutely NEVER try on if you were shopping by yourself.

Yay for another fix where I kept nothing. Ha! Like I said, I’m not worried. I love Stitch Fix.

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