I haven’t even received my first “fix” yet and I’ve already been riding the buyers remorse roller-coaster. I have read quite a few articles in the last few days that have said Stitch Fix has huge markups and you can get the same items for much cheaper at department stores. I realize that Stitch Fix is a business and they are in the business of making money, but I’m not about to pay 20 extra bucks every time I buy something. That could add up to a lot of dough that I don’t have.

So I started aimlessly browsing the Stitch Fix website wondering if I should cancel my shipment before it shipped, and I came across this gem right on the FAQ page.

What if I see an item in my Stitch Fix package elsewhere for a lower price?

“If you find an identical product at another online retailer within 7 days of receiving the item, we will match the lower price for you and for future clients receiving that product. Please email us the details of your item as well as a link to the lower-priced item to hello@stitchfix.com so our buying team can confirm; if the product is identical, we will match the lower price and credit you the difference. We do our best to ensure that our pricing is competitive and appreciate your help in making sure that this is always true.”

This was enough to stop me from canceling my shipment and I’m now eagerly awaiting my package of goodies.

I am still a little concerned about the prices at Stitch Fix, but there is some reason to believe that you can get good deals from the styling service. Lissa from Shrinking Jeans, for example, tells about an Anthropology blouse that was actually $20 cheaper from Stitch Fix. A girl can hope for the best right?

P.S. I’m working on a pretty neat sewing tutorial for next week. Hope to see you then!

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