Pinterest Tee

This is probably one of my favorite shirts I’ve made to date. I like to pin outfits of things I think I could make myself and this is one that I decided to try out.

Pinterest Win

Look at the pinned shirt and the outcome. Almost exactly the same!!! YAY! The top was super hard to figure out, and I still didn’t get it quite right. Eventually my impatience caught up to me and I went with what I had. If I had to make another one, which I’m sure I will in the future, I would work on the top a bit and add some interfacing for stability. My new motto for making things like this that have specific fabric draping and shaping, is to manipulate your fabric into the correct shape FIRST then cut it out based on your pattern needs… I’ll probably go into that in a later post.

pinterest shirt3

The back is a simple button enclosure. The whole top piece is lined to make the neck and button hole look pretty. Looking at the armholes really makes me want a cover stitch machine. A twin needle just doesn’t cut it sometimes…


Here are some cute pictures of Claira in the shirt. It’s so flattering on her.


And that smile….


And those eyes…

Anyway, I’d better get back to paying attention to my children. I’m potty training said toddler and she just had an accident in her highchair while I was writing this post. She’s actually doing quite well for day 3 Ā Sans underwear is definitely the way to go. Maybe we can make it out of the house next week sometime.

I am just so so happy at the way this turned out! Wish me luck on my next endeavor. I’m venturing into bubble pants rompers… I might just include a little tutorial as I couldn’t find a good one that I wanted to use šŸ™‚

moto tee

When I asked my son what kind of shirt he wanted, of course he said motorcycle. He loves motorcycles. Sometimes, his dad lets him ride on the back of his Harley, from the sidewalk to the garage. It’s only about 20 yards, don’t worry. So here we have the motorcycle shirt. Not too fancy, and a repurposed shirt from his grandma as usual. My husband came up with the tag “steel horse.” I didn’t execute it quite as well as I would have liked. I know it’s hard to tell that the second word is horse. I’m thinking my new fabric paints should help that problem in the future.

The other obsession of my son of late is quarters. If he finds or is given one, he holds onto it for days! When I say he holds on to it, I mean it is in his hand 24/7. He goes to sleep with it clasped in his fingers, and wakes up with it still there. That is quite a feat. We’ve convinced him to use his pockets for most of the day, but that means that he will only wear 2 of his shirts… the ones with pockets. His pant pockets are too tight.

Sooooo you guessed it. This one has an addedĀ pocket. I used my pocket tutorialĀ and just added one for him into the sideĀ seam. He loves it.


And there he is, posing in front of his “motorcycle.” My husband added the lawnmower wheels for his training wheels.


Little devil. I love making things for him. He always says, “thank you mommy, for making this for me.”

You are welcome son!